The Post Article

Agora Gallery emailed me on the weekend to let me know that The Burlington Post had received a press release about my work being exhibited in New York and wanted to do an interview. Great PR work on the part of this amazing gallery.  I had a great conversation with Post writer, Dennis Smith, and I probably talked his ear off as once you get me started about my passion, there’s no stopping me!  That was on Monday January 28th and to my surprise, I opened the Friday February 1st paper only to find my very well written article published on pages 22 & 23!  There are a couple of on-line versions, each with different photos but the hard copy paper posted the donation painting, called Heart Matters and the larger abstract called Ambiguous.  Agora Gallery is helping me to achieve my goals as an artist, and getting my work out there is what its all about.  My passion for painting was expressed very well in this article and if you check a little further back around the end of January (My Favourite Words post) I posted a quote by Patanjali which pretty much express’s how I feel about this whole process.  As I’ve quoted Ralph Waldo Emerson in the past… “Life is a journey, not a destination” I’m enjoying the moment and look forward to a fantastic week, next week to not only network, but build new relationships with people I’ve yet to meet..but in a Metaphysical world…we’ve already met and they are amazing!